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Why work at Penro?

What sets Penro apart?

Penro Construction is a second-generation company that has been in business for more than 50 years. We value our employees and we do everything we can to help them have the best career possible. Our employees take pride in a job well done, and they appreciate the value of the work they do for their communities. What we do has a direct impact on the health, safety and growth of the people and places we call home.

What does Penro offer for benefits?

• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Dental/Vision Coverage
• Simple or Roth IRAs
• Paid Vacation
• Paid Holidays
• Sign-on Bonus
• Referral Bonus


We update jobs daily on our Facebook page.

Visit our Facebook page here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Penro work?

Most of our work is within a one hour drive of Pender. This includes the cities of Norfolk, Fremont and Sioux City — and all of the towns and villages between.

Does Penro have employment restrictions?

All applicants must have a valid driver's license and be able to lift 40 pounds repetitively. To keep our employees safe, all applicants are subject to background checks and must pass a substance screening.

Is employment at Penro full-time, or seasonal?

We hire for both. Our work is seasonal with a normal construction season from March through December. January and February give us a well-deserved rest and the opportunity to service and maintain equipment in our shop. Some years, we have construction work that can be done indoors, as well. Anyone who doesn't prefer mechanic work or who would rather have those months off is eligible for seasonal layoff and can receive unemployment benefits during that time. We can discuss these options during your interview.

Is Penro hiring now?

We keep our current positions posted — such as on our Facebook page — but we are always looking for people who fit our culture and who can contribute to our company. We encourage you to apply anytime, whether you see an open position or not.

Penro's benefits

All Penro employees are eligible for the benefits noted below after 60 days of employment.


• $200 after 60 days

• $200 after 1 year


• $200 after 60 days

• $200 after 1 year


Penro pays 100 percent of employee's Health Insurance. After 10 years of employment, Penro pays 100 percent of Employee's and 50 percent of their dependents.


Penro pays 50 percent of Dental Insurance. After 10 years of employment, Penro pays 100 percent for employees and 50 percent for their dependents.


Penro pays 50 percent of a Life Insurance Policy for a value of $15,000. When an employee has been with us for 10 years, Penro pays 100 percent.


Employees are eligible to put up to 10 percent into their retirement IRAs. Penro will match up to 3 percent.


Penro employees earn paid vacation commensurate with their time on our team. Learn more during your interview.


Penro offers seven paid holidays for its employees.

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